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If there is a shift opening that you qualify for, you will be able to claim the shift and add it to your calendar.

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You earn money every single week for the shifts you have successfully completed!

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PT Nurse is a gig app for healthcare work when YOU want to work.

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We pay our nurses weekly with our automated payouts.

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Integrated Support Chat

Support Chat

Our support staff can be reached by the integrated support chat feature! Need something fixed on your account? Reach out directly, we've got you covered.

Location Filters

Only want to see shifts within a specific range?

We added a filter so you can view all the shifts you're qualified for within a specific area.

Push Notifications

Need a reminder on upcoming shifts? Did your shift get cancelled? New shift in your area?

Never miss a beat with our ongoing push notifications

Request A Ride

We're partnering with Lyft so that we can offer our workers rides through our platform!

Request a ride, pay for it through your shift earnings.
Coming Soon.

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