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We provide nurses when and where you need them most

A healthcare facility can't work efficiently without nurses. They're making sure to keep everything running smoothly for both patients and doctors. By using a nurse staffing agency, healthcare facilities can get access to nurses with the right skills and experience without having to worry about hiring and training new staff.

At PT Nurse, we've got certified and experienced nurses that will provide your facility with quality care assistance. All of our nurses go through a professional evaluation to ensure your clinic, hospital, and care center with only the best staffing. 


Your Ultimate Healthcare Staffing Solution

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Adjustment To Schedules

Our nurses are flexible and can easily adjust to your facility's schedule. All of our staff is allowed to comply with an 8-hour shift providing you with a complete service and strategic rotating schedule that won't leave your patients unattended.

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Highly Experienced Nurses

All nurses have years of experience in various healthcare settings. We are a CNA staffing agency that provides the best nurse professionals who have the necessary knowledge and soft skills to handle your patients and assist you in any medical procedure or emergency.

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We Got The Right Skillset

We carefully screen all of our nurses to ensure they have the skills required for your specific needs. Whether you need general medical care or specialized care, we have the perfect nurse. 

Compassionate & Quality Care

Our nurses are passionate about what they do and take pride in providing the best possible care for their patients. We take care of hiring only talent that can create a comfortable space for your patients to recover and for your physicians to feel that they have a solid backup.

A Top Nursing Staffing Agency Near Me

When dealing with people's health, you want to have the best staff behind every procedure. At PT Nurse, we provide you with a staff that will go beyond your expectations and that adjusts to your healthcare needs. Our experienced and certified nurses can handle everything from placing an IV to assisting in surgical procedures.

‍Out of all the healthcare staffing agencies out there, PT Nurse is the only one that has an easy-to-use app where you can easily chat with support, pick up and drop shifts, pay for each shift and approve timesheets.