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Do I need experience as a healthcare worker before I start working for PT Nurse?

Yes, you need to have experience in your field before you can start accepting shifts with us. PT Nurse is used by healthcare facilities to fill vacant shifts in their schedule; in order to offer our service, we need to confirm that our workers are qualified and experienced in their field.

As a nurse on the app, how much will I be paid for my work?

Nurses get paid different rates for the positions that they are assigned. You will be paid the rate assigned to the necessities of each shift. ie: If you are an RN but you choose to pick up a Caregiver shift, you will be paid the Caregiver rate.

Caregivers earn $18/hour.
Caregivers who are MedPassers earn $20/hour.
CNA's earn $20/hour.
LPN's earn $35/hour.
RN's earn $45/hour.

Does PT Nurse offer overtime for over 40 hours of work?

Currently, PT Nurse will NOT be offering overtime for workers working over 40 hours per week. However, upon further updates to the platform, users can earn overtime hours while working over 40 hours for a single facility within a week's time.

Why do you require location & camera permissions for the app?

The application utilizes Location Data to verify the Clock-In and Clock-Out processes. We match your location data with the facility in which you are scheduled; if you are NOT at the facility location, you will not be able to clock-in or clock-out of your shift.

We also utilize Camera and Media Selector permissions so that you can upload documents or images of documents through our verification process.

I am having trouble with my account; what's the best way to contact PT Nurse?

PT Nurse has an integrated chat feature available to all verified workers. This chat feature can be used to speak with support about your account, payouts, technical bugs, facility complaints, and general questions/concerns.

I need to update my payout information; how do I do this?

If you need to update your payout information (Bank Account / Credit Card), please contact our support team. We can manually update your payout details through our administrative platform.

Soon, an update feature will be built directly into the profile page for you to manage yourself.

I run a healthcare facility and I'd like to know about your company's payment terms.

Currently, we invoice our shift payments each week. However, if you require that we set up Net15 or Net30 terms, please feel free to contact our team at to discuss.

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