PT Nurse: Who We Are & What We Do

Automated Shift Scheduling

PT Nurse provides nurse recruiting and healthcare facility staffing solutions. We aim to help caregivers, CNAs, MedPassers, LPN, and RNs find the right fit for them effectively. Healthcare facilities will be able to find the best nurses in the state, and nurses will find a job without the hassle of actively looking for one.

We're one of the best medical staffing agencies; our trajectory speaks louder than words. Start your journey and get all the benefits we offer today. All you have to do is register through our app and sign in with your documents.


Who We Are

PT Nurse is a healthcare staffing and nurse recruiting agency that provides medical staffing solutions. We provide outstanding services at reasonable rates. Unlike our competitors with outdated processes, we have an efficient system with less internal overhead.

Our Mission

Our mission here at PT NURSE is very simple. Provide  qualified healthcare professionals to facilities in need and offer nursing job opportunities for healthcare professionals. We strive to provide the best possible service at the best rate for both; nurses and facilities.

Our Story

PT NURSE was formed on my second day working for an outdated staffing agency. They had a nurse call in for a shift and had 5 people pick up their phones to begin calling other available staff members.

I thought to myself that this is slow and inefficient and that there has to be a better way. Thus PT NURSE came to be. We are able to provide the exact same service as other agencies but at a fraction of the cost while still providing the top pay across the board by having less internal overhead.

What We Do

For Facilities

We Provide Highly Experienced Nurses
Our Nurses Are Compassionate & Aim For Quality Care
Our Nurses Are Open To Schedule Adjustments

For Nurses

We Give Our Nurses A Weekly Payment
You Get Flexible Schedules
You Get To Make Extra Cash

Work With A Reliable Healthcare Staffing Agency

Whether you're a facility needing nurses or a nurse searching for your dream job, we got you. PT Nurse has the right resources and processes to get the best solution for you. We have hundreds of registered nurse jobs, and we'll help you with your healthcare staffing process.

Contact us today if you have any doubts, and don't miss this opportunity. Our CNA jobs and medical staffing solutions will help you thrive in the industry. We're an experienced, trustworthy, and efficient company waiting for you. Get in touch now!